Top 5 Tips to book a Corporate Holiday Party Venue in Westchester NY

Deciding the perfect event space or venue in Westchester NY is important to your corporate event’s overall success as it all depends on Budget, nature of audience and the schedule. While planning the venue takes time, it doesn’t leave an overwhelming feeling. Assuming that you’ve already decided the type of corporate event you are planning and its purpose, there are many other factors that should be considered as you start the process of choosing the corporate holiday party venues in Westchester, New York.

The following roadmap will help you choose the perfect event space:

1. Choose the Target Audience and Know Your Guests –

When choosing a venue for an event, one of the important pieces of information you must know is who will be your guests and how many of them you expect to attend. While the type of event certainly tells the venue choice – one of the largest limiting factors for an event space is its capacity. Make sure you know at least an accurate estimate of the number of guests beforehand. After that only, you will choose the venue.

2. Decide Date –

Timing will influence many decisions – including your venue. After knowing your guest list, your event date will be the next limiting factor. Depending on the type of event you are hosting, you may have to be flexible with your event date or venue choice to get the venue you want. Sometimes the advance booking ensure that you meet the timeline as Corporate Holiday Party Venues in Westchester NY usually gets busy throughout the year for various reasons. .

3. Calculate Budget –

With an open-ended budget, you can plan a great corporate holiday party in Westchester NY and have an infinite choice of venues. But more than likely, your financial resources is limited, you should be aware from the very beginning of what your financial limitations area.

4. Find Perfect Event Space –

The venue you choose must have sufficient space for your corporate holiday parties in Westchester NY. Ask yourself, will your event need a dance floor? Will you need a PA system? What about projector screen or a speaker’s podium? What type of table setup you require? Does the event venue meet the special criteria of your event? Does the condition of your facility reflect the highest standard of your organization?

5. Schedule a Visit to the Venue –

Unless time and logistics prevent it absolutely, every event organizer should conduct a site inspection before signing any contract with a venue. Looking at pictures can be helpful, but there are so many things that need to be evaluated in person. The idea of Ambience, interior, Services and Amenities they provide do matter. Ask everything about the venue – from parking to entrance.

Conclusion –

Book one of the well-positioned corporate holiday party venues in Westchester NY of Coliseum – a convenient, stylish, exhilarating event space located in White Plains , Westchester County, New York City. Offering a gigantic 7500 square foot area for event space, the venue host any kind of private events in Westchester County, including corporate holiday parties. For immediate booking our event venue in White Plains, Westchester County, consider visiting our website today and feel free to get in touch with us online! We’ll get back to you as soon as possible with a budget-friendly estimate for your entertainment needs in Westchester County! Feel free to like us on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter for more updates!


Top 4 Tips to Host Memorable Anniversary Parties in Westchester NY

What’s well-worth celebrating more than a loving commitment that has lasted throughout the years! Whether you’re hosting anniversary parties for yourself or one for your parents or another special couple, it should be an event that’s sentimental and filled with great reminders of good times. Let’s take a look at below discussed tips and put together a memorable celebration for your anniversary parties in Westchester NY:


The Best Tips to Plan Anniversary Parties in Westchester NY

1. Decide Date and Book Venue

You need to throw anniversary parties as close to your anniversary date as possible. Just take a look at the calendar and see which dates work for you and try to book your event space in Westchester NY. The soon you can book venue for anniversary party, the sooner you can start telling people when you are throwing your party. Keep in mind that, the venue should have plentiful space for all of your guests, the perfect aesthetic appeal serving as a backdrop for the event and a staff willing to help you bring together all the details of your party.

2. Invite Guests –

Once you’ve locked a particular date and venue, start sending out the invitations as far in advance as possible so that your near and dear ones will plan to be there. However, you should include important details like date, time and location of the event on the invitation. Add some instructions about how the guests can RSVP so that you can get a precise head count before the date of anniversary parties in Westchester NY.


3. Select Theme –

Want to have an anniversary themed cake? Of course! However, it doesn’t have to be decorated and tiered like a wedding cake – though that will be fun – but it needs to be something very special. Fortunately, the milestone anniversaries can easily adopt decorating themes like Silver (25th), Pearl (30th), Sapphire (45th), Emerald (55th) and Diamond (60th and 75th) anniversaries. If you will pick a beautiful venue for anniversary parties, you don’t need to go overboard carrying out one of these themes. But it’s a good starting point for hosting anniversaries in Westchester NY.

4. Decide on Your Menu –

After booking your event space, you need to start thinking about the kind of food and drinks you want to serve. If thinking to serve dinner, you should figure out whether you want a buffet or a sit down meal. Moreover, you can include a few different food options to make sure that every one has something they can eat.


Conclusion –

Are you getting ready to celebrate a special anniversary in Westchester NY? If yes, book Coliseum as your venue for anniversary parties in Westchester NY. With amazing views and dedicated staff, we make it easy to plan events of any size. If you want to reserve a beautiful space, consider hosting anniversary parties in Westchester NY at Coliseum and rest assured that we would love to help you plan out the special anniversary party you and your loved one deserve the most!

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Top 4 Tips To Find Wedding party Venue In Westchester County

One of the most necessary aspects you should take care of in any wedding in Westchester County is finding the perfect venue. Searching for a perfect party venue in Westchester County, New York can be an exciting adventure; but can be a bit exhausting. Hence, it will be essential to keep yourself prepared when looking for venues so that you will know what exactly you will know in a venue. However, a perfect wedding venue can add a touch of personality and ambiance to your wedding and with the most popular venues often book far in advance; so it’s important to secure your venue ahead of time.

To help you out, here are some tips to find the perfect venue in Westchester County, New York for wedding:

Number of Guests: –

Couples more often don’t stick to the size of wedding party they decide on initially. But it shouldn’t stop you from getting an idea of how many people you want to invite. It’s important to have that thing sorted out so that you can know vendors will charge how much to cater to your wedding!

Theme: –

Choosing a theme is beyond just picking colors. There should be nothings which goes unplanned- this means you should choose the perfect palette that looks great on your venue. Always keep in mind that, choose such type of theme that compliments your party venue as well as your event very well. After all, it’s essential to connect and tell your love story along with your wedding party venue in Westchester County, New York. You can decide with your event planner on how it will be best to implement your idea and then you will be one step closer to getting the perfect venue that suits you more.

Weather: –

If you really want to take advantage of beautiful weather, then you can organize your event outside. However, if you choose any outdoor location, be sure of having a backup plan for inclement weather. Again if you will find a party venue in Westchester County that offers a combination of climate controlled indoor space and a nicely landscaped outdoor space for cocktails or reception, that will be the best alternative.

Lock the Venue: –

Party venues in Westchester County don’t sit idle for a long time! Once you’ve chosen a venue that fits your budget and preferences, it’s time to draw out a check. You may want to seek opinions from others on the choice you’ve made! However do it quick and lock down the date for the party venue.

Conclusion: –

Coliseum offers a perfect, vibrant yet spectacular party venue in Westchester County New York for private parties, weddings and more events. You just plan out a wedding party at Coliseum, the state-of-art party venue in Westchester County, New York and rest assured that your event will be unforgettable!

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Why to choose a Party Place in Westchester County, New York for a Corporate Event?

Have you ever thought about hosting an offsite corporate event in Westchester County, New York? Hosting corporate events or holiday parties are one of the best ways to show employees that they are appreciated for their hard work and dedication. It is believed that for hosting a memorable and fun filled offsite corporate event in Westchester County in New York, you should choose the best party place or venue. The venue plays an important role in making your corporate event a successful one.


Are you thinking that- how choosing a party place or venue in Westchester County, New York to host an offsite corporate event will offer best solution? Then please read on this post!

#1- Cultivate New Ideas:

Hosting a corporate event in Westchester County, New York at an offsite environment or party place will help in cultivating fresh ideas. In a beautiful offsite set up, everyone will be away from the distractions and stresses of everyday work life to have utmost fun and entertainment. This will help your employees to have an undivided focus on the events agenda, brain storm new ideas and feel inspired.

#2- Develop Teamwork:

Organizing offsite corporate event in Westchester County, NY at a wonderful venue or party place will help your employees a chance to meet or reconnect with other co-workers. In a corporate event, the hierarchical lines of a regular office setting will tend to relax and open up. This offers a great opportunity to bond, build friendships and gain the confidence to work as a cohesive team.

#3- Great Amenities:

By choosing the best party place or event venue in Westchester County, NY will help you getting access to great amenities. From large screens (for video or presentation viewing), built-in audio, comfortable seating arrangements, sound, lighting, audio/visual effects and an array of lounge furniture and table arrangements. This will help your employees and guests to enjoy a comfortable and entertaining corporate event in Westchester County, NY.

#4- Best-in Class Service:

Compared to onsite, hosting an offsite corporate event will prove to be effective. Normally, an offsite corporate event, you will get an opportunity to incorporate fun filled and entertaining events and include good food and drinks. This will help your guest and employees to have a quality time while enjoying the highest standard of service.


If you are in search for a perfect party venue or place in Westchester County, NY then rely on Coliseum. We are the premier choice for hosting company meetings, team building and holiday parties in Westchester County. Coliseum is the perfect party place in Westchester county, New York, New York that offers 7500 square foot area for event space, which is well equipped with all necessary luxury amenities.

With us, you will enjoy an impeccable service and customized cuisines. As per your requirement, we will makes sure in arranging a right type of setup that will offer a stress- free experience of hosting a corporate event or holiday party in Westchester County, NY. Feel free to reach us today at (845)656-2460. For information about Coliseum stay connected with us on our facebook and twitter pages .




Tips to Choose your Wedding Hall or Venue in Westchester County

For most of the couples, finding an ideal location for their wedding in Westchester County is considered to be the first and most crucial step of wedding planning. It is true that a wedding venue sets the tone for the day and can help in enhancing the event’s decor and ambiance. But apart from this it is important, you need to think about some practical issues of wedding venues in Westchester County like parking and accessibility.


A unique and beautiful wedding venue will lend an aesthetic foundation on which a spectacular event will be held. At times it is also found that your venue’s availability often dictates your wedding date. Let us have a look at some great tips that will help in finding a perfect rustic and extravagant venue for your big day in Westchester County:

#Tip 1- Take a Look at your Budget:

Do not forget that your budget plays a key determining factor in making the right selection. For which, you need to set a budget early that will help narrowing down the venue options in Westchester County and ensure that you are only viewing locations that you can afford. It is important to ask all venues for a comprehensive list of what is included in their space rental.

#Tip 2- Go with your Guest Numbers:

Before booking a venue, you should consider- can this location accommodate the number of guest of your wedding? To avoid any kind of inconvenience in booking or accommodating a perfect venue, it is important for you to take a look at guest count and make sure that the venue is perfect for your wedding ceremony, cocktail hour and reception.

#Tip 3- Consider your Wedding Date:

If you have already set a date then it may diminish your venue options. Having a flexible wedding date, you will have a larger variety of choices in finding an elegant and perfect one as per your requirement in Westchester County.


#Tip 4- Space and Style:

Want to make sure that your unique wedding venue in Westchester County is perfect for holding your ceremony? Then you need to judge the wedding venue in terms of style, space and temperament that will complement your wedding theme and décor.

Wedding halls in Westchester County at Coliseum will suitably fulfill you different requirement as well as prove to be a cost-effective venue. 7500 square foot of massive event space- Coliseum will prove to be your one-stop venue for finding elegant wedding reception halls, ceremony sites and overnight accommodations. We have an award-winning culinary team who will offer assistance in transforming your wedding into the celebration of a lifetime.

Contact today Daniel Coughlan at 914-557-3401 for gathering more information about Coliseum.Or stay connected with us on our facebook and twitter pages

Things to Take Into Account While Choosing A Wedding Hall in Westchester County

Selecting your wedding venue or hall will certainly be one of the biggest worries that you’d like to sort out quickly as an engaged couple. With so many beautiful wedding halls & venues in Westchester County, NY – it is certainly a tough ask to select any particular venue. Well, if you aren’t sure how to choose a great wedding venue in Westchester County, we have got some useful tips to help you make a decision. Let’s check them out:

A spacious venue:


Ensure the wedding venue you’ve selected is roomy enough to house the number of guests you want to invite. The venue may seem large when it is vacant, but marriage essentials such as chairs, tables, a bar, a buffet, the dance floor, DJ setup can cover a lot of area. Even if you prefer an outdoor setup, you’ll require adequate space in the arboretum, on the lawn or poolside. Well, the best way to have an idea about the size of the venue is to take a look when another wedding is taking place. (You can consider Coliseum – a 7500 square foot event venue)



Lighting can make or break the look of the wedding venue. If you are tying the knot during the daytime, ensure your venue has sufficient windows. Nobody wishes to spend 5 hours in a room that is gloomy. If it is an evening wedding, ensure the hall isn’t too gloomy – or that the lights can be controlled for the large entrance, banquet and dancing.

The perfect color:

If you are thinking about a particular theme & color spectrum for your wedding event – say, a contemporary lounge style cocktail party reception accomplished in black & red – those dated antique curtains are certainly going to ruin the effect. The location doesn’t need to be accomplished in the precise colors as your premeditated decors, but the carpets, walls, curtains and chairs should not radically clash with your party’s theme or mood. If you’re looking for a spring wedding, check out a venue that has light colors or flowery motifs. For a traditional wedding, take into account a stylish venue done in black & white.

Good acoustics:

If your selected wedding venue in Westchester County is too echoey, it might give some strange resonances to the band, not to say make it tough for the guests to listen to each other’s word. A wood or tile flooring will augment sounds, whereas a chunky carpet will tend to soften them. Test out the venue’s sound quality during a function and customize your music according to the place.

Adequate parking space:

Ensure the venue is close to an adequate parking lot or empty street where it is lawful to park vehicles. If parking is an issue, seek other ways to get everybody to the event. Insufficient parking is not essentially a big deal, but it may indicate spending more money and time to find a practical transportation option for your guests.


If you are looking for one of the best wedding halls venue in Westchester County, let COLISEUM help you with utmost professionalism. We’re the one-stop in Westchester County, NY for any kind of event arrangements, including wedding ceremony, corporate events, Bat/Bar Mitzvahs, Sweet Sixteen Parties and more. For more information about our service, Please contact Daniel Coughlan at 914-557-3401 for gathering more information about Coliseum. Or stay connected with us on our facebook and twitter pages .


Why Corporate Events are Important in Westchester County?

Corporate holiday parties or events are believed to bring growth for businesses or organizations by providing great opportunity of developing and establishing relationships. To build a positive and interactive team at times most of the businesses in Westchester County are drawn towards organizing corporate events or holiday office parties.

Some employers who choose to ditch the idea of corporate parties, as they believe that corporate events or holiday parties are not easier task to pull off. This deprives them of enjoying the benefits of having a productive team. Employers should understand the importance of corporate events that helps in building a happy working culture.


Please have a look at some of the reasons for not giving up on organizing festive corporate event or holiday parties in Westchester County:

Reason 1:

Corporate parties are known as team building event, which has the power to revive morale of the hard working employees. Whether after a stressful year or strenuous project work, organizing a corporate gathering will prove to be effective. Break in form of corporate events will leave you employees as motivated team players.

Reason 2:

Employers will get an opportunity of thanking their hard workers personally by organizing official holiday parties or events in Westchester County. Companies can opt for small but memorable official parties as a token of gratitude towards the hard working and dedicated employees. This will inspire your employees and make them more productive.

Reason 3:

Employees can openly interact with bosses in a more relaxed setup of corporate gathering or event. In a corporate or official party, your employees will freely present their idea and opinion, which will help everyone to enjoy a positive interactive ambience. Opportunity to interact with the senior executives in a corporate event will boost the morale of your employees.

Reason 4:

It is found that corporate event or official holiday parties rejuvenate the team spirit of your employees. In a well planned and executed corporate gathering or event your employees will interact among themselves on friendlier terms and share their opinions. This will leave them extremely motivated, which will prove to be productive for your company. Far away from a stressful working environment, these corporate events when organized on a relaxing and wonderful venue will prove to be a memorable celebration for your employees.


For a memorable official gathering, you consider a great venue- Coliseum to plan or organize corporate events in Westchester County. As a wonderful venue Coliseum is specially designed for hosting all types of private events like corporate events, holiday parties and private events.

Please contact Daniel Coughlan at 914-557-3401 for gathering more information about Coliseum. Or stay connected with us on our facebook and twitter pages .