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Night Club White Plains: A Never-Ending Excitement For Everyone

Are you in search of a place to unwind with friends as well as make new ones? A nightclub in White Plains can offer you the opportunity to get the best in terms of quality service. There are several exciting activities that you can get yourself engaged in to ease off the pressure of daily activities. Perhaps you are the type that finds it hard to detach yourself from unwavering concentration from work. A short visit to a nightclub in White Plains will change your orientation. On this account, here are some of the benefits that can make your visit worth the while.


  1. Remarkable DJs

At a nightclub in White Plains, you should be expecting to have an unending feeling after your arrival. There are professional DJs that know how to set you in the mood for a dance. Moreover, there is never a dull moment for you and those you will like to mingle with. Every music tune can set you ablaze, allowing you to rediscover new dance stepsyou never thought of.


  1. Explosive sound system

The music atmosphere in a nightclub is always different, compared to the one you have in your room. The reason is that there is a sound system in place that can amplify all music tunes for everyone. Moreover, you will get to like every bit of sound you hear because of the energy present in it. Also, you will be amazed at how you can keep up with the vibe of the music for long hours.


  1. Socialization

If your busy schedules restrict you from going on a vacation, you can opt for a nightclub outing instead. The reason is that the Coliseum in White Plains can offer you an opportunity to get along with new people. You get to let off the accumulated stress that has kept you from being free. Whenever you have a chance to take some time off, ensure you use that opportunity to enter a nightclub. You never can tell when you can meet a long-term business partner when sharing pleasantries and drinks.


Finally, you don’t have to be too engrossed with the daily activities of life. You should find some time to unwind with friends and meet new people. Sparing a little part of your time for fun can actually improve your productivity at work for several days. Why not make it a weekly routine by visiting a nightclub in White Plains? You rest assured of experiencing more fun than you can imagine. For further inquiry please stay in touch with Coliseum on Twitter, and Google Plus social media networks!


Quinceanera Tradition – Ways To Have The Best Corte De Honor

The Corte of honor is known as one of the most celebrated Latino traditions of the Quinceanera celebration. The Quinceaneras Corte de Honor, celebrate her to mark the transformation from girlhood to womanhood. This transformation not only physically happens but also it happens psychologically. This is the day when she adds another feature to her dream.


Most of the time, family members and close friends of the Quinceaneras family members are chosen to be in her Corte de honor. They do participate in a special waltz for the celebration.

Celebrate this unique day 

This day is unique and can’t be repeated in entire life therefore, you shouldn’t leave it dry. You can make this day memorable by choosing Quinceaneras White Plains in Westchester County as your venue. This is highly popular place and it is designed to make this day memorable.


The Quinceanera tradition has been or the Corte to consist of fourteen boys and fourteen girls. Plus, the Quinceanera and her escort for her celebration. Each couple represents a year of the Quinceaneras life. Most of the Hispanic families in the USA prefer to have a half court with seven girls and seven boys. Now, each of the persons represents one year of her life and the Quinceanera adds the fifteenth year. Families those are experiencing reduce number of participants in the Corte of Honor to be easier to work with. They do found the major benefits of the smaller court to be reduced costs and the challenge of organizing dancer rehearsals.


Apart from them, some families also choose to have Corte of only boys. The number of boys in the Corte can range from four to fourteen boys. The reason behind idea is the all boy Corte of Honor allows the Quinceanera to be the only crowned princess at her own. Contrary, some families prefer to have the Corte de Honor to be only girls. Many times each girl is escorted by her father. There are tons of options are available to make your day memorable. You can choose the soothing option for you.


In all these celebrations, venue plays the vital role in order to get the highest excitement. This is the reason you should always choose a suitable venues to make your event memorable. Choosing venue for Quinceaneras parties in White Plains will be the best and well capable to make this iconic day memorable.  So select your venue and enjoy this day. For further inquiry please stay in touch with Coliseum on Twitter, and Google Plus social media networks!

Significant Factor Help To Select A Party Venue Makes Any Event A Big Success

People may think quality content in any event might be enough to grab the attendee’s attention, but is it not enough to drive them to your event!  Appropriate Party Venues and location also matters to excite and motivate people to attend any event. While making a decision about the right venue, several things such as location, cost, services relevance to your event etc are to be considered for making any event successful.



Attendee comfort is always indispensable not only for the party organizer but also for Party Venues owners. Party Venues in Westchester NY provide adequate space and facilities for your group irrespective of anticipated attendance. To mention few of them are as follows

  • Session of your event and seating arrangements
  • Space to accommodate your audio visual requirements
  • Space that allows free flow without stepping over other guests
  • The parking area and its distance from the Party Venues
  • Adequate restrooms

However, the facilities offered by Party Venues in Westchester NY will surely end up your frustration and amplify the amazing content being delivered. 


You will never get any second chance to make the best impression.  A clean space is an obvious requirement that makes your guest impressed and feels good. This is where an event planner’s caliber really comes into play in making any holiday parties in Westchester NY flourishing. You can check


  • The venue is inviting and comfortable for guests
  • The impression of attendees entering the venue
  • The event venue is bright or airy or overcrowded
  • Is it allow to get fresh air
  • The venue staffs are warm, friendly and helpful
  • The safety of your guests and whether the venue is fulfilled with due safety codes

Party Venues in Westchester NY have a nice and welcoming atmosphere that makes attendees feel welcoming and secure. 

Food and catering

Having an event venues that support the best variety of food will be a top concern for any holiday parties. If the list of menu option is good, it will be a matter your guests will talk about even after the event.  In your event, you may plan to serve meals to your guests, therefore, make sure your venue has a fully equipped kitchen. Party Venues in Westchester NY have their own kitchen, clean up, and bar crews that make you sure there is something to suit everyone’s tastes. They will make you confirm all those things that are included in the hiring cost of your venue. Hence make you save from the burden of extras payments and time by eliminate hiring third-party crews.


Parking place

It is important for you and your guests to be aware of the parking situation. Be sure of the venue with onsite parking facility – if there is not, it will surely discourage the comfort level. However, Party Venues in Westchester NY meet with the best parking criteria with ample of parking space for the comfort of your guests. 



Choosing a right venue is a vital decision that plays a leading impression on any event. Before choosing a venue, make sure you’re flexible with the all of the facilities, atmosphere, staffs and customer feedback. Coliseum in White Plains NY is the fully integrated platform that better facilitates client’s needs in making any event successful. We can help you plan the perfect event at our new and beautiful Coliseum Party venue. Feel free to call us at 1-914-557-3401 to check availability or ask questions to find how Coliseum is the best fit for your next event. For further inquiry please stay in touch with Coliseum on Twitter, and Google Plus social media networks!

Things To Consider While Deciding Wedding Venues

Wedding venues are one of the most considerable factors when it comes to weddings. Availability of numerous wedding venues might seem to be an advantage but it’s not! Rather it creates a lot of confusion! So in order to avoid any confusion and choose the right wedding venue you need to consider few things.


  • Availability of the Venue:

Always make sure that the venue is available on the date of your wedding especially during the wedding seasons or holidays or specific days like Valentine’s Day. If you found a venue of your choice that is available then book it immediately to ensure nobody else books it on your big day! If not then go for another venue or change your wedding date.

  • Size of the Venue:

Before booking the venue check the guest list in order to confirm the number. Go for the venue which has enough space for your guests. As if the venue is smaller your guests might get disappointed and you don’t want that right!


  • Budget Friendliness:

There are many appealing wedding venues available today but do they come within your budget? Always go for the venue which you can afford to avoid further frustrations and worries.


  • Nearby accommodation Availability for Guests:

Another factor which needs to be taken care of is the availability of accommodations nearby the Westchester Wedding Venues as that will allow your guests from distant places to stay overnight.

  • Availability of Essentials:

Not all venues provide you with essentials like tables, chairs etc. So while booking the venue; make sure you are not going to be charged any extra for these stuffs.


  • Sufficient Parking Lot:

Does the venue comprise of a parking lot that is adequate for vehicles of your guests? If not find a nearby parking lot so that your guests don’t wander in the wee hours!


As wedding day is an important day of our lives we want to make it as special as we can. And wedding venues play a vital role! Are you getting married in few weeks? Looking for outstanding and reasonably priced wedding venues in Westchester, NY? Then do consider Coliseum. For further inquiry call us at (914) 285-0900. Please stay in touch with Coliseum on Twitter, and Google Plus social media networks!

Top 5 Qualities Of A Good Westchester County Wedding Venue

A wedding planning process comes with loads of responsibilities, and having access to a cool Westchester County wedding venue certainly tops the list. Whether or not you are working with an expert wedding planner, finding the best venue for your Big Day can be a daunting task.

To make your Westchester wedding venue selection process easier, here we have listed a few qualities that your wedding venue must have.


Flexibility: Flexibility is the first and foremost quality that any good wedding venue should have on offer to their clients. According to the current trend, good wedding venues should have the facility to host both the wedding & reception ceremony under one roof. This is, in fact, the best way to save both money and time. So, try to book a venue that’s as flexible & accommodating as possible.

Spacious Indoor & Outdoor Space:Weddings are lengthy events that don’t just happen in one particular place from start to end. From the preparation room to the party area, a wedding moves from one places to another all through the day. Therefore, variety is crucial to keep the party moving & making your event more meaningful.


At night when it is chilly outside, indoor space is good, but when the weather is good, many ceremonies are held outside under a natural arcade made of wood & greenery. So, look for a Westchester wedding venue that offers both outdoor and indoor spaces to add that variety to your special day.

Customizable Spaces: Wedding venues that offer movable walls, an assortment of dressing spaces, multi-purpose rooms and more than kitchen areas is essential for assuring that your wedding venue fulfills the many needs of your event.

Rustic Décor:Rustic décor is exceedingly popular as far as modern weddings are concerned. These small touches give your wedding a timeless look that many couples try to get on their Big Day. Vintage and rustic decoration can all be brought to your wedding venue, but talk to the decorator beforehand to get ideas that make your wedding decoration standout.


On-Site Coordinator: Some wedding venues have on-site coordinator whereas some don’t have. Nonetheless, renting a venue that has on-site coordinator can make the whole planning procedure much smoother all through the event. They’re usually included in the booking fee & are accountable for the whole thing from arranging the catering & booking the reception space to coordinating with your wedding planner to make your event a success.


Choose Coliseum as your one-stop Westchester County wedding venue and rest assured that everything will be handled in the smoothest possible manner. We are your one-stop wedding venue with reception halls, ceremony sites, and overnight accommodations – and possibly a space for a rehearsal dinner, after-party, or post-wedding banquet. For further inquiry call us at (914) 285-0900. Please stay in touch with Coliseum on Twitter, and Google Plus social media networks!

How Do You Choose From Westchester Wedding Venues?

Choosing an ideal setting for your wedding in Westchester County is always considered to be one of the first and most important items to check about while planning must-do things for the wedding. A wedding venue gives a welcoming atmosphere to your event and makes it an aesthetic choice that hosts a memorable event of a lifetime.


Searching for the perfect Westchester County wedding venues is one of the first and foremost tasks a newly engaged couple encounters on their wedding planning checklist. There are  many choices from the ample of Westchester wedding venues to choose from.

So how do you make a decision on what venue is ideal for you? Here are a few things you should know when you and your fiancée are deciding the perfect spot for your once-in-a-lifetime wedding:

Wedding Season –

It’s necessary to think about the season you would like to get married in. Winter is not always the most popular option but because it’s not, you may be able to negotiate a good venue price since they have the availability.

Fall months have been popular. If you’re looking to have a fall wedding, you should start your search as soon as possible to make sure the availability date.


Wedding Style –

When searching for Westchester County wedding venues, know the kind of aesthetic and style you would like to have on your wedding day! Understanding this will help you narrow down your search for Westchester wedding venues.

Wedding Guest Count –

This is one of the first questions that all wedding venues in Westchester County will ask you. It’s important that you have a general idea of your guest count before inquiring about availability.

You want to make sure the venue has enough space for your guests to sit comfortably, and of course, be able to provide a large enough dance floor for everyone to boogie down on.

Wedding Budget –

Set a budget and keep it in your mind when deciding on your wedding venue. You need to be cautious about the fact that a family location or a raw space can charge you more for caterers, DJ, etc.


It will be most likely more expensive than having your wedding at a location that provides most of the required services to make a wedding event successful. You should have a crystal clear idea of what the venue will and will not provide that keepseveryone on the same page and avoids unnecessary surprises.

Wedding Catering –

While booking a wedding venue in Westchester County, you should be sure of getting industry-bets catering service as possible. It will help you organize a beautiful and sparkling wedding event that will go on smoothly.

With the help of professional wedding planners and staffs at the venue, you will get a complete peace of mind and feel relaxed for enjoying your wedding to the fullest.

Wedding Ambiance –

Wedding décor and ambiance play a key role. This is why wedding venue gets a special attention for its existing décor and theme. You should look out what’s the architecture and what does the venue’s interior portray?

It will help you in deciding whether the wedding venue will go along very well with your preferences, style, and wedding theme.

Book One Wedding Venue Option –

Your wedding event will flow effortlessly as well as your guests will feel more relaxed if the ceremony and reception are hosted at the same venue. In order to host a lively and interesting event for guests, you should go with one venue option.


 No doubt it will leave you with an energetic and celebratory event to spend with family, friends, and special guests in Westchester County, NY. To make things for your wedding more convenient and easier, consider booking one of the best Westchester wedding venues, Coliseum today.

Please stay in touch with Coliseum on Twitter, and Google Plus social media networks!

What to Choose an Indoor or Outdoor Westchester County Wedding Venue?

Are you looking to book the most elegant Westchester County wedding venue? Finding the right type of venue can prove to be a time consuming and daunting task. This makes it important to narrow down your options, like do you want an indoor or outdoor wedding venue? Always keep in mind the Westchester wedding venue you end up selecting will have a big impact on the overall look and feel of your special day.


In-between indoor and outdoor wedding venue, which one to choose? Here are some useful points about both indoor and outdoor Westchester wedding venues please have a look to take the right decision!

 Indoor Wedding Venue:

  1. Save yourself from the Weather Elements:

One of the best benefits of choosing an indoor wedding venue is to not get worried or stressed about the weather. An indoor wedding venue provides shelter from all the weather elements like rain, heat, and snow. An indoor wedding venue ensures that you are in a climate controlled environment where you and your guests will feel comfortable and secure.


This makes indoor wedding venue as the best choice. If you do not want the weather elements to raise your anxiety and stress levels, then opt for a beautiful indoor venue to host your special day and have the utmost fun.

  1. Get Stunning Photos:

In an indoor wedding venue, your wedding photographer will get an opportunity to make the most out of the indoor space’s decoration and lighting to click some stunningly beautiful images. The expert photographers can take the advantage of the perfect lighting of an indoor hall to create some professional looking wedding reception photos that you will be proud have on your wedding album.


  1. Feel Pampered:

The best thing about an indoor wedding venue is it pampers you and your guests. Being indoors, you can beautifully carry your gorgeous bridal look and move around with an ease. No doubt, you will love to move around, dance and have the utmost fun at a magnificent indoor wedding venue in Westchester County.

Outdoor Wedding Venue:

  1. Save Money on Décor:

A breathtaking outdoor venue in Westchester will cut down your wedding decorations, as it does not require a lot of flourishes. A natural landscape has a great charm that creates a perfect ambiance to make your special day memorable and stunningly beautiful without any kind of exquisite decoration. Choosing an outdoor wedding venue will save you money by ensuring a minimal décor.


  1. Wide and Open Space:

An outdoor venue offers wide and spacious space, which allows your guests to move around freely and enjoy.

If you want to book a perfect Westchester County wedding venue , then think about considering COLISEUM. As one of the best Westchester wedding venues, Coliseum proves to be the ideal platform for your big day.For booking an elegant wedding venue- Coliseum and getting an affordable package, please reach us at 914-557-3401! Please stay in touch for more updates with us on our  Twitter and google+  pages .