Month: April 2018

Top 5 Qualities Of A Good Westchester County Wedding Venue

A wedding planning process comes with loads of responsibilities, and having access to a cool Westchester County wedding venue certainly tops the list. Whether or not you are working with an expert wedding planner, finding the best venue for your Big Day can be a daunting task.

To make your Westchester wedding venue selection process easier, here we have listed a few qualities that your wedding venue must have.


Flexibility: Flexibility is the first and foremost quality that any good wedding venue should have on offer to their clients. According to the current trend, good wedding venues should have the facility to host both the wedding & reception ceremony under one roof. This is, in fact, the best way to save both money and time. So, try to book a venue that’s as flexible & accommodating as possible.

Spacious Indoor & Outdoor Space:Weddings are lengthy events that don’t just happen in one particular place from start to end. From the preparation room to the party area, a wedding moves from one places to another all through the day. Therefore, variety is crucial to keep the party moving & making your event more meaningful.


At night when it is chilly outside, indoor space is good, but when the weather is good, many ceremonies are held outside under a natural arcade made of wood & greenery. So, look for a Westchester wedding venue that offers both outdoor and indoor spaces to add that variety to your special day.

Customizable Spaces: Wedding venues that offer movable walls, an assortment of dressing spaces, multi-purpose rooms and more than kitchen areas is essential for assuring that your wedding venue fulfills the many needs of your event.

Rustic Décor:Rustic décor is exceedingly popular as far as modern weddings are concerned. These small touches give your wedding a timeless look that many couples try to get on their Big Day. Vintage and rustic decoration can all be brought to your wedding venue, but talk to the decorator beforehand to get ideas that make your wedding decoration standout.


On-Site Coordinator: Some wedding venues have on-site coordinator whereas some don’t have. Nonetheless, renting a venue that has on-site coordinator can make the whole planning procedure much smoother all through the event. They’re usually included in the booking fee & are accountable for the whole thing from arranging the catering & booking the reception space to coordinating with your wedding planner to make your event a success.


Choose Coliseum as your one-stop Westchester County wedding venue and rest assured that everything will be handled in the smoothest possible manner. We are your one-stop wedding venue with reception halls, ceremony sites, and overnight accommodations – and possibly a space for a rehearsal dinner, after-party, or post-wedding banquet. For further inquiry call us at (914) 285-0900. Please stay in touch with Coliseum on Twitter, and Google Plus social media networks!