Plan a Successful Corporate Event with Private Party Place in Westchester County, New York

Do you work in the business world? If yes, you may occasionally need to meet with coworkers or corporate clients during or after business hours or a normal outing to a nearby restaurant. When it comes to hosting a corporate event, the right party place in Westchester County, New York makes it a successful one. When evaluating corporate party space, please keep these following factors in mind:


1. Capacity –

It’s obvious that you need an event space -large enough to accommodate your group comfortably. However, the venue you choose must have sufficient space to provide seats for all of your guests, plus enough room for your catering. Ideally, your venue must have an event staff to personalize the set-up of space so that it can best suit your specific needs.

2. Catering and management staff –

Food has always an important role in corporate events for the convenience of attendees. So, look for a party place in Westchester County, New York with in-house catering or lets you bring in a caterer of choice. While considering the menu of a corporate event, you need to be sure there are enough options to meet the unique needs of your attendees. The staffs who attend you must have knowledge about your program and a happy smile in place.

3. Technology –

You need to ensure that your corporate event space has the state-of-the-art of technology you will need for your presentations. For instance, projection screens, independent sound systems, and flat screen televisions, can be a useful option for displays, speeches, as well as presentation. Even, you need to know that space has internet access or determine how you will provide connectivity using hot spots.

4. Parking Space-

You see that majority of people prefer to take their car and give lift to other colleagues to the party place. It gives a wrong feeling if the parking space is not allocated. Hence the party venue and parking space has to be adjoining to be each other.


Coliseum – The best party venue in Wechester County, NY to host top private events such as bar and bat mitzvahs, sweet 16s, fundraisers, quinceaneras , corporate events, weddings, and live musical entertainment and acts.

Conclusion –

All of the above pointers are the main features you should look for in a party place. Otherwise, you can book the party place in Westchester County new york, New York at Coliseum – conveniently located at 15 South Broadway in White Plains. We have a stylish and exhilarating party venue offering a gigantic 7500 square foot space for hosting any sort of private events around the Westchester County area. At Coliseum, we’re extremely pleased to make our clients’ corporate event arrangements treasured by each and every guest. Our event coordinators strive to offer a stress-free experience for you as well as your guests.

Therefore, you should count on Coliseum for your corporate events and rest assured that we’ll make your experience extremely delightful. Our impeccable standard service and customized catering options are sure to make a great impression on most of your sophisticated guests. Combined with an ultimate level of friendliness and timeliness, we assure your corporate event more wonderful to treasure forever.

Feel free to contact us today and let our expert planner help you in planning your ideal corporate event in a way as it deserves to be. For more updates and latest notifications on corporate party space, please stay in touch with us on  Twitter  social networks.


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