Month: January 2017

Top 4 Tips to Host Memorable Anniversary Parties in Westchester NY

What’s well-worth celebrating more than a loving commitment that has lasted throughout the years! Whether you’re hosting anniversary parties for yourself or one for your parents or another special couple, it should be an event that’s sentimental and filled with great reminders of good times. Let’s take a look at below discussed tips and put together a memorable celebration for your anniversary parties in Westchester NY:


The Best Tips to Plan Anniversary Parties in Westchester NY

1. Decide Date and Book Venue

You need to throw anniversary parties as close to your anniversary date as possible. Just take a look at the calendar and see which dates work for you and try to book your event space in Westchester NY. The soon you can book venue for anniversary party, the sooner you can start telling people when you are throwing your party. Keep in mind that, the venue should have plentiful space for all of your guests, the perfect aesthetic appeal serving as a backdrop for the event and a staff willing to help you bring together all the details of your party.

2. Invite Guests –

Once you’ve locked a particular date and venue, start sending out the invitations as far in advance as possible so that your near and dear ones will plan to be there. However, you should include important details like date, time and location of the event on the invitation. Add some instructions about how the guests can RSVP so that you can get a precise head count before the date of anniversary parties in Westchester NY.


3. Select Theme –

Want to have an anniversary themed cake? Of course! However, it doesn’t have to be decorated and tiered like a wedding cake – though that will be fun – but it needs to be something very special. Fortunately, the milestone anniversaries can easily adopt decorating themes like Silver (25th), Pearl (30th), Sapphire (45th), Emerald (55th) and Diamond (60th and 75th) anniversaries. If you will pick a beautiful venue for anniversary parties, you don’t need to go overboard carrying out one of these themes. But it’s a good starting point for hosting anniversaries in Westchester NY.

4. Decide on Your Menu –

After booking your event space, you need to start thinking about the kind of food and drinks you want to serve. If thinking to serve dinner, you should figure out whether you want a buffet or a sit down meal. Moreover, you can include a few different food options to make sure that every one has something they can eat.


Conclusion –

Are you getting ready to celebrate a special anniversary in Westchester NY? If yes, book Coliseum as your venue for anniversary parties in Westchester NY. With amazing views and dedicated staff, we make it easy to plan events of any size. If you want to reserve a beautiful space, consider hosting anniversary parties in Westchester NY at Coliseum and rest assured that we would love to help you plan out the special anniversary party you and your loved one deserve the most!

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