Month: June 2016

Tips to Choose your Wedding Hall or Venue in Westchester County

For most of the couples, finding an ideal location for their wedding in Westchester County is considered to be the first and most crucial step of wedding planning. It is true that a wedding venue sets the tone for the day and can help in enhancing the event’s decor and ambiance. But apart from this it is important, you need to think about some practical issues of wedding venues in Westchester County like parking and accessibility.


A unique and beautiful wedding venue will lend an aesthetic foundation on which a spectacular event will be held. At times it is also found that your venue’s availability often dictates your wedding date. Let us have a look at some great tips that will help in finding a perfect rustic and extravagant venue for your big day in Westchester County:

#Tip 1- Take a Look at your Budget:

Do not forget that your budget plays a key determining factor in making the right selection. For which, you need to set a budget early that will help narrowing down the venue options in Westchester County and ensure that you are only viewing locations that you can afford. It is important to ask all venues for a comprehensive list of what is included in their space rental.

#Tip 2- Go with your Guest Numbers:

Before booking a venue, you should consider- can this location accommodate the number of guest of your wedding? To avoid any kind of inconvenience in booking or accommodating a perfect venue, it is important for you to take a look at guest count and make sure that the venue is perfect for your wedding ceremony, cocktail hour and reception.

#Tip 3- Consider your Wedding Date:

If you have already set a date then it may diminish your venue options. Having a flexible wedding date, you will have a larger variety of choices in finding an elegant and perfect one as per your requirement in Westchester County.


#Tip 4- Space and Style:

Want to make sure that your unique wedding venue in Westchester County is perfect for holding your ceremony? Then you need to judge the wedding venue in terms of style, space and temperament that will complement your wedding theme and décor.

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