Month: May 2016

Things to Take Into Account While Choosing A Wedding Hall in Westchester County

Selecting your wedding venue or hall will certainly be one of the biggest worries that you’d like to sort out quickly as an engaged couple. With so many beautiful wedding halls & venues in Westchester County, NY – it is certainly a tough ask to select any particular venue. Well, if you aren’t sure how to choose a great wedding venue in Westchester County, we have got some useful tips to help you make a decision. Let’s check them out:

A spacious venue:


Ensure the wedding venue you’ve selected is roomy enough to house the number of guests you want to invite. The venue may seem large when it is vacant, but marriage essentials such as chairs, tables, a bar, a buffet, the dance floor, DJ setup can cover a lot of area. Even if you prefer an outdoor setup, you’ll require adequate space in the arboretum, on the lawn or poolside. Well, the best way to have an idea about the size of the venue is to take a look when another wedding is taking place. (You can consider Coliseum – a 7500 square foot event venue)



Lighting can make or break the look of the wedding venue. If you are tying the knot during the daytime, ensure your venue has sufficient windows. Nobody wishes to spend 5 hours in a room that is gloomy. If it is an evening wedding, ensure the hall isn’t too gloomy – or that the lights can be controlled for the large entrance, banquet and dancing.

The perfect color:

If you are thinking about a particular theme & color spectrum for your wedding event – say, a contemporary lounge style cocktail party reception accomplished in black & red – those dated antique curtains are certainly going to ruin the effect. The location doesn’t need to be accomplished in the precise colors as your premeditated decors, but the carpets, walls, curtains and chairs should not radically clash with your party’s theme or mood. If you’re looking for a spring wedding, check out a venue that has light colors or flowery motifs. For a traditional wedding, take into account a stylish venue done in black & white.

Good acoustics:

If your selected wedding venue in Westchester County is too echoey, it might give some strange resonances to the band, not to say make it tough for the guests to listen to each other’s word. A wood or tile flooring will augment sounds, whereas a chunky carpet will tend to soften them. Test out the venue’s sound quality during a function and customize your music according to the place.

Adequate parking space:

Ensure the venue is close to an adequate parking lot or empty street where it is lawful to park vehicles. If parking is an issue, seek other ways to get everybody to the event. Insufficient parking is not essentially a big deal, but it may indicate spending more money and time to find a practical transportation option for your guests.


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